Sink My Heart into Your Hands

June 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

In youth I knew,

That You, oh God,

You are the Alpha and Omega,

I knew how you can change hearts,

You can move stars,

You can realign the dreams of kings,

But somewhere in my growth,

When the winds stopped blowing back my hair,

And the birds stopped telling me stories,

Somewhere back then I lost my sight,

I lost Your joys and gained my worries,

Now I focus on the world’s perspective of wrong versus right,

Trying to play the judge, create the verdict, and pass blame-

And we don’t even know…

Yes in my youth, I knew You,

I knew You better and I walked with You,

We would talk, we would laugh,

Lord, we would cry,

In my youth I was alive,

But now I’m too lost to know what to find,

To know what the search even looks like,

Too lost to know how to open my eyes,

… And I hear You calling me,

Calling out my name,

And I see us walking across the fields,

Both smiling and as we toss some stones,

Talking about just this breath in time,

But You have the whole world on Your mind,

And I want that heaven,

I need that joy,

I must come back to where it began,

And sink my heart into Your hands.

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