I Called Out to Death…

June 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

The grave was calling my name,

But I didn’t answer,

I didn’t say-


So it couldn’t acknowledge,

If my life was worth living,

Or even worth dying,

It couldn’t tell,

If I deserved heaven or hell,

So it left me alone.

When I became old,

And ready to go,

I called out to death,

Said “Here I am!

I’ve lived my whole life! 

I ain’t afraid to die!

I won’t be quiet no more…

I’ve been here too long.

I’m ready to move on.”

Then he came to me,

Not as scary as some may think,

Just peacefully,

Like an old friend would give you a hug,

He took me on up,

He gathered my soul,

And I left my body,

Like an empty chamber,

Remembering all those years I’d been inside,

It was a good ride,

But now I’m free and he’s taking me,

To my new home,

My new adventure,

My new creation where living is endless.

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